Care and Cleaning of enamel jewellery

Updated: Mar 31

Care and Cleaning of Susa jewellery

You can always send your jewellery to us for annual cleaning. However, if you wish to have a clean and shiny jewellery at all times, keep your jewellery always in a Susa jewellery original box and, from time to time, give it a gentle rub with the Susa Jewellery anti-tarnish cloth that comes with your piece.

To remove the tarnish and dirt never use the tarnish remover liquid on your jewellery, as these are strong and will affect the stones and enamel on you jewellery pieces. The best option is to use warm water and few drops of liquid dish soap and a very soft brush.

If you are not sure you can always get in touch with us or your local jeweller for advice.

Be aware that enamel is glass, so extra care is needed when you are handling your enamel jewellery pieces. Dropping them could cause fracture and breakage in the glass. Perfumes, hand cream and chemicals will cause permanent damage to your jewellery.

As a suggestion, your jewellery should be the last item you put on when you are dressing up.

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